A Jewish Legacy : Pittsburgh

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About the book:

Steel City Jews: In Prosperity, Depression and War 1915-1950

is a sequel to Steel City Jews which explored the Pittsburgh and its Jewish community from 1840-1915.  Steel City Jews in Prosperity, Depression and War focuses on the 1920s, 30s, and 40s.  The decade of the 1920s was one of prosperity and progress, but it also was a decade of darkening shadows and growing concerns.  The stock market crash of 1929 followed by the depression of the 1930s sent shock waves through the community and sorely tested all Americans including Jews.  In the aftermath of World War II and the Holocaust, Pittsburgh Jewish leadership determined to more diligently attack discrimination and intolerance  on the home front.  The Arab-Israel War at the end of the decade which involved various Pittsburghers, established the state of Israel, fulfilling the Zionist dream.  The tale told here is one of grit and determination, triumph and tragedy.  It is a story that all readers interested in Pittsburgh and its Jewish community will find fascinating.

For Burstin, a transplant to the region, Pittsburgh is a city that fascinates and intrigues. Ten years in the making, she scoured attics and cellars, explored a whole variety of archival collections and books, and drew on personal interviews to weave her account of the city and its Jewish community. She recounts the tale in an entertaining and informative way that all Pittsburghers and those who care about Pittsburgh can relish and enjoy.